The “Masné krámy FEST” is becoming the foretaste of the holidays

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The Masné krámy restaurant offers favorable lunch menu with chef's specials.

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The “Masné krámy FEST” is becoming the foretaste of the holidays

23. 6. 2016

České Budějovice, 17th June 2016 - The centre of České Budějovice has probably acquired another tradition, as the 2nd "Masné krámy FEST" takes place on the last June weekend (24th -26th June). Parts of Krajinská and Hroznová Streets will again be filled with a large beer tent, an outdoor bar and stage for live music.


Gour­met Events

Right now a gourmet event takes place in Masné krámy

Fest MK

June 24th–26th 2016

You have 1 more day Hurry up!

Just in 114 days you can enjoy an upcoming gourmet event

Venison feast

October 17th–23rd 2016

Join us in the new year at some of the gourmet events!


Krau­sened Lager

The starting procedure for the production of Krausened Lager is the same as for the Budweiser Budvar Czech Premium Lager. The difference is in the fact that before filling a certain volume of “rings” are added into the finished beer for consumption quality.

A new culture of brewing yeast in the best condition and new ratio of extract is added into the beer. In the transport package (KEG barrels) there is a further level of fermentation of beer which brings better sensory quality and higher biological value.



  • Group menus (company parties, bashes)
  • Screening of selected sports matches on TV as well as on a large screen
  • Musical production to order
  • Free Wi-Fi connection throughout the restaurant
  • Professional photography services
  • Private lounge for smaller parties (10–15 persons)
  • Budweiser Budvar Brewery tours and multimedia exposition of the brewing industry

Vir­tual Tour

The Masné Krámy restaurant can now be visited virtually as well.



If you are interested in the interior as well as exterior of The Masné Krámy restaurant, please take a look at our photogallery, where photos of assorted specialties, documentation of special culinary and other events, pictures from the history and photos of České Budějovice can be found.



Masné krámy restaurant

Krajinská 13
370 01 České Budějovice
Tel.: +420 387 201 301
Fax: +420 387 201 302
info (at)
Operator: Budějovický Budvar, n. p.
VAT CZ00514152

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