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The Menu


„Šmitec“ cheese spread onion bread 100g  /1,3,7/  119

Bread with smoked meat, pickled vegetables 150g  /1,3,7/  139

Beef Tartare /mixed/, bread from grill 150g  /1,3,10/  289

Spicy pork tenderlion pieces, onion bread 100g  /1/  149

Cold platter (4 - 6 person) 850g  /1,3,7,10/  950
sausage, cheese, smoked meat, šmitec, vegetable, bread


Garlic Soup with cheese  /1,7,9/  65

Special soup in a saucepan /according to the offer/  85

Main Dishes

Beef goulash, dumplings 150g  /1,3,7/  239

Roasted beef in a cream sauce, dumplings 150g  /1,3,7,9,10/  269

Filleted Beef Argentina, butter, vegetables, potatoes 300g  /1,7/  489

Roasted pork knuckle,bread 1ks  /1,10/  389

Fried cutlets, potato salad 200g  /1,3,7,10/  259

Roasted duck, cooked red cabbage, dumplings ½  /1,3,7/  369

Chicken breast marinated in yogurt, 200g  /1,7/  289
butter, vegetables, potatoes, apricot dip, green pepper

Pike perch fillet, Potatoes, dill dip, herb butter 200g  /1,3,4,7/  399


Baker „Masné krámy“  /1,3,7,9,10/  1100
(Duck, Roasted pork knuckle, dumplings, cabbage, Fried cutlets, potato salad)


v 150g  /1,3,7,10/  219
boiled potatoes, tartar sauce

Salát Caesar 350g /1,3,4,7,10/
• chicken, butter croutons  259
• vegetarian version  159


Chocolate souffle with pistachio ice cream 100g  /1,3,7,8/  119

Apricot strudel with vanilla sauce 120g  /1,3,7/  119
vanilla sauce



All the ingredients are measured in raw condition

Prices are in CZK and include VAT

Half-portions are prepared only where possible and are charged 75% of the full price

A list of allergens is available on request