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Czech Cuisine

150 g Brewer’s goulash,
served with bacon and traditional dumplings, horseradish and onion  /1,3,7/
189 CZK
150 g "Traditional" roasted beef in a thick cream sauce,
served with traditional dumplings and cranberry garnish  /1,3,7,9,10/
199 CZK
200 g Roast pork neck,
log in its own juice, potato dumplings, cabbage salad /1,3,7/
189 CZK
½ pcs Roast duck,
served with cooked red cabbage, traditional and potato dumplings  /1,3,7/
289 CZK
600 g

Marinated pork ribs in spicy beer sauce,
apple horseradish, mustard, marinated onions, bread  /1,10/

239 CZK
300 g Charles IV "Mix Grill" Skewer
(Pork, beef and chicken with onion and bacon), fried potatoes  /1/
299 CZK
200 g Fried pork cutlet in breadcrumbs,
boiled potatoes, lemon  /1,3,7/
199 CZK
150 g "Czech fried cheese"
fried Eidam cheese served with tartar sauce, cranberries and boiled potatoes  /1,3,7,10/
189 CZK
  The staff will provide you with a children‘s menu upon request.  
  Based on an order 24 hours in advance, we will prepare for you:  
1 pcs "Butcher Master’s" roast pork knuckle,
served with mustard, horseradish, chilli pepper and bread  /1,10/
329 CZK