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Czech Cuisine

150 gBrewer’s goulash, served with bacon and traditional dumplings, horseradish and onion 175 CZK
150 g"Traditional" roasted beef in a thick cream sauce, served with traditional dumplings and cranberry garnish 195 CZK
150 gOld-Czech roasted pork, served with cooked cabbage, traditional and potato dumplings 175 CZK
½ pcsRoast duck, served with cooked red cabbage, traditional and potato dumplings 280 CZK
500 gMarinated pork ribs in spicy beer sauce, apple horseradish, mustard, marinated onions, 2pcs of bread 225 CZK
300 g Charles IV "Mix Grill" Skewer (Pork, beef and chicken with onion and bacon), fried potatoes 275 CZK
200 g Fried pork steak in breadcrumbs, roasted potatoes with onion, lemon 195 CZK
150 g "Czech fried cheese" fried Eidam cheese served with tartar sauce, cranberries and boiled potatoes 185 CZK
  The staff will provide you with a children‘s menu upon request.  
  Based on an order 24 hours in advance, we will prepare for you:  
1 pcs "Butcher Master’s" roast pork knuckle, served with mustard, horseradish, chilli pepper and 2 pcs bread 329 CZK