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Specialities of the House

200 g Filleted grilled pork tenderloin
served on cheese pasta with fried onions  /1,3,7/
239 CZK
180 g Golden chicken breast steak,
tarhona risotto with black olives and arugula  /1,3,7/
229 CZK
180 g Grilled fillets of trout in saffron,
creamy beetroot dip, baked potato in their skins  /1,3,4,7/
259 CZK
350 g Slow roasted beef carb (neck)
on dark beer with root vegetables, orseradish, pastry  /1,9/
269 CZK
250 g Beef steak with black salt,
Herb butter, grilled vegetables, fried potato fries  /7/
489 CZK
400 g Tarhona risotto
with black olives and arugula, parmesan chips  /1,3,7/
149 CZK
100 g Chocolate souffle in porcelain
with pistachio ice cream and sour cream  /1,3,7,8/
89 CZK