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Specialities of the House

200 g Marinated pork tenderloin, cream blade spinach, roasted potato with onion 229 CZK
180 gGold chicken breast steak, plum sauce with port, grilled bacon, roasted potato 209 CZK
180 g Fillet of Šumava trout baked in herb crust, homemade smoked butter, Tarhona risotto 255 CZK
200 gFilled beef steak / flank steak /, salad with dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese, roasted white bread 279 CZK
250 g Beef steak with black salt, homemade smoked butter, grilled vegetables, farm fries 485 CZK
400 g Tarhona risotto, grilled mushrooms, blend spinach, parmesan 149 CZK
100 g Snowflake with forest fruits, cheese cream 85 CZK