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Hot and Cold Starters

150 g Brawn (light-coloured sliced pork set in aspic) served with raw onion rings, 1 pc bread 79 CZK
100 g "Šmitec" cheese spread with spicy black croquet, served with ½ crispy onion mini bread 99 CZK
100 g Spicy pork tenderloin pieces, served with onion, bacon, chilli pepper and ½ crispy onion mini bread 99 CZK
120 g Pickled camembert-like cheese stuffed with Remoudou cheese marinated in beer with onions, 1 pc bread 89 CZK
2 ks Grilled sausages, served with mustard, horseradish, cold sour cabbage and a piece of bread 99 CZK
150 g Duck liver roast in own juice with marinated onion, capers on stem, white bread 99 CZK
150 g Beef Tartare, 3 pcs bread from the grill 209 CZK
200 g Old Czech pork in its own juice, served in glassware, pickle, 2 pieces of bread 99 CZK
700 g "Masné krámy" cold platter, bread (serves 4 persons) sausages, spread, brawn, pickled camembert-like cheese and pork in glassware 430 CZK